KASEMAKE CXD software for library archival and storage box making

Includes a database system to collect box making information and automatic layout tools to make the best use of your materials

KASEMAKE Database System

After using our portable digital measuring system (or a manual book measurer) to measure books in situ, the data can be exported onto a memory stick. Subsequently, the USB stick is used to import jobs automatically into the KASEMAKE database, ready for cutting.
KASEMAKE CXD Database Window

Filter jobs by board type

Jobs waiting to be boxed using a specific board type - such as 1000 micron archival boxboard - can be shown in the database by filtering on that board type. Operators can also create their own customised filters if required.
KASEMAKE CXD Filter By Board

Cut individual items, or use KASEMAKE's fill-sheet facility to maximise board usage and minimise waste

KASEMAKE can automatically lay out multiple items on a sheet, ensuring that the board is used to its maximum potential. Once cut, individual jobs are marked as complete and no longer show up in the waiting to be boxed filter ensuring each box is cut only once.

Configure your cutting tools, load your material, and start cutting

Making boxes and other protective packaging is easy with KASEMAKE and a KASEMAKE CXD Digital Cutting Machine. After filling a sheet in KASEMAKE, the operator inserts the correct tools for the material, places the board on the table, and KASEMAKE rapidly does the rest - cutting, creasing and/or routing as required.
Quick tool change on KASEMAKE CXD
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