KASEMAKE CXD Digital Book Measure

For the rapid capture of book dimensions, our digital book measure is a portable system that can be used in the library or archive to measure books in situ
Rapid measurements and data collection with our digital book measure
Our digital book measure enables you to rapidly measure books and artefacts in situ, away from your cutting machine.
Measure the width, height, and spine of a book with just 3 clicks.
1. Measure Height
Measure width using KASEMAKE CXD Digital Book Measure
2. Measure Length
Measure height using KASEMAKE CXD Digital Book Measure
3. Measure Spine
Measure spine using KASEMAKE CXD Digital Book Measure
All your books measurements are captured in a local database
Capture the dimensions of as many books as you need to, associating each book with its title, author, and any other custom fields you need, along with the board type and a parametric standard you intend to use to house it. At the end of the session, transfer all your book information to a USB stick to take along to your cutting machine.
KASEMAKE CXD Book Measure Software
Transfer your book measurements to KASEMAKE, ready for cutting
Import all the book measurement data from the USB stick into KASEMAKE. Then, either cut each design individually; or gang them up to cut multiple designs at once on a single sheet to reduce waste and save time.
KASEMAKE CXD Packaging Design Software
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