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Phase boxes
When the table has cut and creased the phase box it is folded into shape and the relevant book placed in it. This should be a perfect fit every time. The book is now ready for a period of safe storage protected from chemical, and physical damage.

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Phase boxes
Ideal for protecting loose documents protective envelopes can be processed on the system from lighter weight cards and boards. Standard envelope styles are included with the software. Choose the style you require, set the size you want and cut and crease the result on the table.
Corrugated boxes
KASEMAKE is delivered with a comprehensive library of brown box designs covering simple cases to complex die-cut designs. To accompany them there are ranges of divisions, cardboard dividers which keep one item from touching another. Having made the box,set the dividers to be the same size as the internal box dimensions, set the number of divisions required and cut the parts on the table.
Plastic folders
For use when displaying items, or as a protective covering, PVC and its derivatives are becoming more popular. Heavier grades of the material are more difficult to crease than fibre based boards. The KASEMAKE table has tooling that can crease sheet plastics with ease. Included are designs of folders, wallets and displays created specifically for plastics.
Plastic wallets
Display units

Leaflet dispensers and desk top displays are also included. When artwork, produced on an ink jet printer, is laminated to board and cut to register high quality displays can be created ...

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Display units
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