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KASEMAKE CXD is the best solution for your archiving and storage needs. It is easy to learn and simple to use so you don't have to be a designer or a computer expert. We understand your packaging needs, and we can help you to achieve it through our expert and professional training. KASEMAKE CXD comes with an extensive library of all types of boxes and display styles already built in.

Books in storage are best protected by close-fitting boxes which means the custom manufacture of each individual box. Traditionally, this is expensive and time consuming. By using KASEMAKE CXD the unit cost of each box comes down, the time taken to manufacture is reduced and the closeness of fit is guaranteed.

KASEMAKE CXD will produce a die cut quality archival box within minutes. It does not get tired or suffer from cut fingers. It will allow you to nest several designs on one sheet and calculate how many boxes can be made from any particular sheet size.

It is Quick because you will produce more archive boxes in a working day than ever before.

It is Popular. It is already in use in some of the world's foremost archives and libraries, helping conservators in their valuable work.

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