Display Units
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Display units

Leaflet dispensers and desk top displays are also included. When artwork, produced on an ink jet printer, is laminated to board and cut to register high quality displays can be created.

KASEMAKE CXD can be used to prepare web ready images in addition to physical displays. The adjacent images of Tutankhamun are virtual images, using the actual design elements of the display with artwork applied and then folded and assembled on screen.

KASEMAKE software is delivered with libraries of designs in addition to those intended specifically for conservators.

Amongst these libraries are collections of free standing, cardboard displays. These range in size from large floor standing POP displays to counter top leaflet dispensers.

Taken straight from the retail world these designs can be utilised for exhibition or education needs, to better display and advertise the facilities of the museum or library.

Simply select the characteristics you require and the parametric capabilities of the system will create the correct number of parts at the required sizes. Cut and crease on the table and assemble.

The system can cut pre printed board to register or you can spray mount artwork onto board and again cut to register.

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